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Spiritual Counseling


I love working with people, sitting and being quiet and listening to the message their hearts want to give to them. I love accompanying people on their journey home to themselves.

I am trained as a pastoral counselor and spiritual director. Putting those two things together, I offer tools for the journey into wholeness. I have had the privilege of counseling many hundreds of individuals and couples during the last twenty years. After a short hiatus, I am again offering my support and love as a spiritual counselor.


The longer I am on this planet, the more I have come to see that everything, absolutely everything, is spiritual practice. The breath goes in and out, the heart beats, the feet take us step by step through life. To live an intentional life, to be present to what’s going on with us and also with others and the world about us . . . these are the touchstones for creating a life that we can love accompanied by someone we love - that is, our own dear selves. 


It is my heartfelt wish that each of us has the opportunity to open to the beautiful innocent person that we are, to fall deeply in love with ourselves and with life itself. If you’d like support for this journey, I would be honored to work with you.


Sessions are $100/hour and a typical session is an hour and a half. We can meet on Zoom or any other platform you prefer.


Wishing you every blessing and looking forward to hearing from you.

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Virginia St. Claire
Master of Divinity
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