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Great Love in the 21st Century: A Path to Intimacy

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Great Love in the 21st Century: A Path to Intimacy is a book about coming home to ourselves and one another in love.

It explores true intimacy


• with oneself: Into Me I See

• with a beloved other: Into You I See and Into Me I Let You See

• with the world: We Are All Dreamers

• with Nature and the Divine


The path is illuminated throughout with practices and conversations with people exploring their own stories of intimacy. 


"I’ve started (and put down) MANY self improvement books. Great Love in the 21st Century is a refreshing change in its depth, clarity, and the connection I felt from it. I finished it, and I am putting it to use.”

“I have just finished reading this marvelous book, “The writing in Great Love in the 21st Century is gentle and captivating. The author’s delight with life and our journey through it is contagious.”. Its author has offered us a thoroughly satisfying read with numerous simple suggestions and exercises to evolve our own awareness about how to enrich the precious relationships in our lives.”

“I highly recommend this book to any person who cares deeply about living a more enriched and awakened life, and who cares about evolving and nourishing her or his relationships with their beloved, with themselves, with God and with Nature.”

Blue Canary is a novel set in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Phil and Catherine were high school sweethearts but something happened to estrange them from each other. Despite the emotional rift between them, they married and raised two children. Phil is retired; Catherine can’t bear to have him underfoot. Then unexpectedly, Catherine finds herself standing in front of a cage at the county fair where a tiny canary has been dyed blue as a 4-H experiment. The next thing she knows, the canary is in the pocket of her long skirt and she is walking quickly down the midway at the beginning of her transformation.  

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Blue Canary

The Children's Books


Adventures of the PERFECCT Club

Adventures of the PERFECCT Club is a novel for children ages 9-12. 

When Celeste and her younger brother Christopher take the train from Chicago to visit Gram and Papa who live on the shore of Lake Michigan, she feels she’s escaping a life that is not her own. The split between her inner life and her outer world is great. Soon, the two of them meet other remarkable children to form a club in a big beech tree. Simultaneously, the unpainted house down the hill from Gram and Papa’s draws Celeste. She feels she must go down there.  Having heard strange stories about Miss Driscoll who lives in the house, the others are reluctant to go. None of them can imagine the surprising person waiting behind the glass front door.

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Space Puzzle: Earth

Space Puzzle: Earth is the rollicking adventure of the interstellar space twins, Comet and Meteor, who, bored with summer vacation, discover that the Earth is a giant jigsaw puzzle. With the help of the Sleep Duster, they set off to take a sleeping Earth apart and put it back together before the sleepers wake up. Of course, nothing happens as they expect. This amusing adventure continues as the awakened Earthlings seek to restore their upended planet.

Spiffy the Clean Machine

Spiffy the Clean Machine is a picture book for children which includes an interactive section about what kids are doing and can do to help renew the Earth and join the Earth Helpers Club.  Spiffy, a solar-powered airplane, flies over the town vacuuming up first the autumn leaves and trash, then the layer of smog over the city, then the polluted river nearby and lays it down fresh and clean.  A magical sparky tale about taking care of the environment.


Naoichi’s Sky Garden

Naoichi’s Sky Garden is a picture book which will be enjoyed by both children and the adults who read to them. Naoichi at ninety-two is full of life, but one day, while he is repairing his roof, his neighbor tells him to go easy because he is such an old man. This disheartens Naoichi and he really starts feeling he has become too old. Then, one night, he has a dream that he is planting flowers in the sky. When Hatsumi, his wife, hears about his beautiful dream, she accompanies him to the nursery to buy flower seeds for the garden he will plant. How these seeds flower, bringing a bright new hope and the joy of living back into the lives of Naoichi and Hatsumi, forms the essence of this wonderfully told and beautifully illustrated story.

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