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People keep asking me to share my thoughts. They tell me I often bring a new perspective, one which helps shed light on something that has been troubling them. I’m an eclectic being. The thoughts shared here range from nature to relationships, from musings about the place of a higher power in life to those on creativity and self-care.


Naturally, this being a new venture, we’ll see how it goes. I trust the process and trust my place in it. What can I say about myself that gives me the credentials to write blog posts and think anyone will be uplifted by reading them? This is indeed my heartfelt hope, that in reading there will be light, there will be upliftment, there will be wings to soar on. There will be a new burst of energy to face and honor this life, this one day at a time life, to give the moment its due, to not miss it no matter how difficult or sublime it is.  This is my hope, that the liquid of liquid light will flow, that it will not be stopped up, that the unfolding grace of a human life will emerge in its true magnificence and innocence. 



This is my wish, that every one of us who share this exquisite planet will know the fulfillment of our heart’s deepest desire.  And what is that?  That we will know we are one, that we will find that our hearts have spontaneously opened to ourselves and one another. We will see that this moment in time is the only one there is, that past will take its sweet place in the past, and future will stay where it rests out there, not reachable until it, too, becomes “this moment.” 

 I swim on my back in the ocean, look at the sky, and revel in “this moment.”  May I not miss anything in this glorious journey, may I be present to each thing as it comes and face it with courage and resolve.  Courage, meaning ‘with heart’ and resolve? May I know that the universe itself is the resolver of everything. I don’t need to worry about resolving; I just need to show up, keep my eyes open and keep breathing. The universe moves while I watch, interested but gently standing aside while the work is done.

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