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Mystical Childhood Experiences

"Rapture was a lightness, a blissful stirring within . . ."


        I was introspective and had an active fantasy world in my head, probably because I was alone a lot.  I didn't get a lot of attention, but I accepted that.  I felt solitary rather than lonely and adapted by inventing a make-believe world for myself.

         We always had gardens and lived in neighborhoods with lots of trees and wild vacant lots.  My grandmother had a beautiful garden with Iceland poppies, hollyhocks and delphiniums. I ate the flowers. I spent a long time visiting with them because they were my friends.         ...continue reading

"Angels came in the window..."

The first inner experience I remember happened when I was about six. It's the best memory I have of being alive. I was standing out in a field about a block away from home. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon. I had been playing with one of my friends and she had gone home. Suddenly my awareness expanded, everything dropped away and I saw reality as it really is. The sky looked much bigger, and all the colors looked clearer.

                                                                                                                                                      ...continue reading

"Perchance there was a fairy. There was."   

 There was no formal religious upbringing in my family, and our parents allowed us to make our own decisions rationally.  Religion was important to me, and I often dragged my parents off to church.  I had an intuitive sense that God was part of life in the world, and as far as I knew, religion was the way of getting closer to God. 

         I had a shirt-pocket sized New Testament which I would read now and then.  Somewhere in it I read something like, "Whoever adds to this book gains glory in God." I wondered, "What can I add?" I opened the back jacket and wrote something in crayon. 

                                                                            ...continue reading       

"Actions and consciousness interwoven in a river of light"


I had moments when I was enthusiastic and lively and others when I was quiet and thoughtful.  When I was with other people or on stage I'd get excited, but when I was in church with God by myself, I experienced quiet.  I wrote poetry from the time I could write and loved to compose soft songs on the piano.  

    While I was active I enjoyed thinking about the quiet inside.  Even when I  was rushing around, there was quiet 

                                                                                                                                                 ...continue reading       

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"Rapture was a lightness . . ."

Forest        August 2019

"Angels came in the window...."

Peggy        August 2019

"Perchance there was a fairy."

George           July 2019

"Action and consciousness"

Claire             June 2019

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