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Naoichi’s Sky Garden, a picture book for children enjoyed as much by the adults who read to them.  It is a story of the renewal of hope and the planting of a garden, about overcoming defeatism, and remembering you’re a child when you’re ninety-two.

When hard feelings arise, life itself plants new seeds that soften the earth to bring a new blossoming. Naoichi's Sky Garden will be enjoyed by both children and the adults who read to them."


Based on a true story of an elderly Japanese couple who have been happily married for many years, Naoichi's Sky Garden has been beautifully illustrated to attract children of all ages, anywhere in the world.


In simple words, it introduces you to Naoichi who even at ninety-two is full of life. And then one day, while he is repairing his roof, his neighbor tells him to go easy because he is such an old man. This disheartens Naoichi and he really starts feeling he has become too old. Then, one night, he has a dream that he is planting flowers in the sky.


When Hatsumi, his wife, hears about his beautiful dream, she accompanies him to the nursery to buy flower seeds for the garden he will plant. How these seeds flower, bringing a bright new hope and the joy of living back into the lives of Naoichi and Hatsumi, forms the essence of this wonderfully told story.

Naoichi's Sky Garden

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